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The FuzzTool is a effect based on the legendary Dallas Arbiter Germanium Fuzz Face as used by Jimi Hendrix and many others. Like TrebleTool it's extended with features that make it a flexible tool that can be used in all modern gear setups, even in looper systems it will retain it's original Fuzz character.


The FuzzTool is a flexible device that contains the best dynamic fuzz sounds ranging from a thick single note fuzz to a dynamic distortion. The FuzzTool is in essence a Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face extended with features that increase operating flexibility and solve short comings of the original design but do not change the original Fuzz Face sound character.


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If you have questions about the FuzzTool or would like to place an order please contact us.


Gain control – adjust the fuzz level

Volume – dial in the overall volume level

Increased output level – better volume balance between effect on /off. The FuzzTool has about 3x the output level of the original Fuzz Face.

Continuous variable range control (T.M.F.) – dial in the amount of bass resulting in a sound character ranging from a thick fuzz to dynamic distortion

Impedance Conversion Interface (on/off) – converting an active input signal (EMG pickups, Wireless or loop system) to a signal suited for the FuzzTool© and thus retaining the character of the effect

The PaulSwitch® – robust true bypass foot switch to switch effect on/off & to avoid tone sucking in bypass operation

Pre warning Battery low indication – giving the opportunity to changeover batteries before the effect stops working

External power supply (noise reduced) – providing the option to use an external power supply without inducing noise or changing the character of the sound

Reverse and over voltage protection – to protect the sensitive NOS germanium transistors and keeping the pedal running for many years to come

Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) suppression – avoiding radio signal reception when using high gain setting in combination with turning down guitar volume

New Old Stock (NOS) Germanium transistors – a selected and individually audited pair of germanium transistors with gains matched, very low leakage current and minimal hiss to create the best possible sound

Germanium only or Hybrid transistor set-up – a selectable transistor set-up mode providing a mellow bluesy and a increased gain trebly sound character

Steve Stevens [Billy Idol] uses the customshop TrebleTool, the VibeTool and the Tony’s BenderTool

Steve Stevens at Bospop:

Steve Stevens now uses the TrebleTool, VibeTool and Tony’s BenderTool on the US tour with Billy Idol. This is what he said after using them: “Indeed my rack on tour now has your VibeTool & TrebleTool in it. We actually did an AB test with your Vibe and for Les Paul style guitars, we found it to be much more useful. I love the pedal. The TrebleTool is amazing as well.”

Shane Goodwin (Muse bass tech)

Shane Goodwin (Muse bass tech) shows bass rig with PL powersupply

Check out Shane Goodwin (on Dunlop tv) going through the Muse bass rig, which contains our custom built powersupply.

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